Product Introduction

Hi-Flexi X series is equipped with large capacity full DC inverter compressor. The wide capacity range and compact structure design make it suitable for various  place such as office building, shopping mall, hospital, school and so on

High efficiency and large capacity scroll compressor Latest DC inverter-driven technology Stepless fan speed regulation technology Smart and accurate unit capacity allocation technology Intelligent control mode

Product Details

Product Advantages

Layered installation,  flexibly corresponding to high-rise buildings

For high-rise buildings,machine layer can be left to place outdoor units ,or machine room can be set up on each floor,By using exhaust duct to exhaust the air ,with long distance supply air ,can effectively prevent short circuit of return air,ensure good ventilation and heat exchange effects of outdoor units.

Extra-high external static pressure design

The efficient axial fan is designed adopting CFD, finite element method, aviation dynamic fluid simulation analysis and other advanced concepts; its air inlet angle and outlet angle are optimized; together with unique horn air vent design, the external static pressure of outdoor unit is higher, which can better exhaust air and ensure smooth air flow.

Adopt high-efficiency  DC fan motorThe use of high-efficiency fan reduces energy consumption of the motor Can achieve industry-leading level of external static pressure 85Pa