Product Introduction

Hisense water-source inverter-driven multi-split air conditioning incorporates the merits of air-cooled inverter-driven multi-split system and water-source heat pump system.

Inverter-driven control technology Water-source technology Simultaneous cooling and heating Stable performance

Product Details

Product Advantages

Wide Application Area

Simultaneous Cooling and Heating, More Energy-saving in Heat Recovery System

The requirement of simultaneous cooling and heating operation has been increasing due to the large modern buildings with complex structure, function and more demand for comfort, especially at the transition season or in winter. Conventional central air conditioning system consumes more energy when cooling and heating coexist. Hi-FLEXi W series divides space into interior and exterior sections, easily satisfies the requirement of simultaneous cooling and heating in the same building, realizes heat recovery and maximum energy-saving.

*Heat recovery is achieved by taking water as heat carrier among multiple units connected to the same water circulation system.