Product Introduction

Hisense G+ series is the latest larger capacity full DC inverter-driven multi-split central air conditioning product. It’s focusing on the customers’ requirements and comfort, representing .Hisense high quality and technology. It’s characterized by:

Latest enhanced capacity series:

Brand new high-pressure chamber scroll compressor Integrated high-strength structure and convenient installation Adoption of double larger fans and low-pressure loss heat exchanger Max.20HP single unit, 4 modules' combination

Product Details

Product Advantages

The built-in design of PP air duct ensures safety of inner core effectively

Combination of the integrated sheet-metal upper cover and protective wire net structure realizes built-in design of PP air duct with optimal protection performance, effectively protecting important parts (e.g. fan) from being damaged when the machine falls from high altitudes. 

The 644mm large dual-fan leads the industry

Hisense G+ series (16-20HP) is equipped with 644mm×2 large fans characterized by low noise and large air flow, greatly improving heat exchange efficiency of heat exchanger.

Wide Operation Range

The highest working temperature reaches upto 55°C in cooling mode, and lowest working temperature reaches -20°C in heating mode.