Product Introduction

Hisense Hi-Smart H High Ambient Series is designed and developed with core technologies. It is focusing on customers' requirements and comfort, representing Hisense high quality and technology.

DC inverter-driven compressor Low noise technologies Compact and lightweight design Long refrigerant pipe and drop

Product Details

Product Advantages

Flexible Piping Connection

Installation restrictions on site does not stop Hisense mini VRF there with flexible piping directions which includes front, bottom, right, rear connections.

Long Piping Design

Long refrigerant piping design makes project design and installation works more convenient. When it needs to be connected with compact 4-way-cassette or wall type, please consult our professional engineer. 

● Total piping length can be 120m. 

● Max. piping length is 100m. 

● Max. height difference between outdoor and indoor units is 50m. 

● Max. height difference between the highest and the lowest indoor units is 15m.

Slim and Refined Body Design

The compact outdoor unit can be flexibly placed according to outdoor condition. Low-height ducted type can be easily installed inside the low-height residential ceiling with a height of 192mm, which makes low height indoor units and elegant home decoration style set off mutually.

Wide Operating Range Meets Greater Demand

With a wide operating temperature range, the outdoor unit can run from -5°C to 55°C for cooling and from -20°C to 16.5°C for heating, which perfectly meets the customers’ needs in different environments.