Product Introduction

Hisense Hi-Smart H High Ambient Series is designed and developed with core technologies. It is focusing on customers' requirements and comfort, representing Hisense high quality and technology.

DC inverter-driven compressor Low noise technologies Compact and lightweight design Long refrigerant pipe and drop

Product Details

Product Advantages


High-efficiency DC Inverter Compressor

High-efficiency full DC inverter compressor is used for products of Hisense Hi-Smart H High Ambient Series, whose motor is more efficient and energy-saving. The compressor has a special anti-vibration structure design, ensuring stable operation, small vibration and a long service life. The design promotes the high reliability and low noise of outdoor unit, greatly improving user experience.

Precise Temperature Control, Comfortable Air Supply

Hisense Hi-Smart H High Ambient Series sets temperature sensors on air outlet/ air inlet, gas pipe/ liquid pipe of indoor units and remote controller, and adopts microcomputer control 2000-step high precision electronic expansion valve to adjust refrigerant flow, which can remain the room temperature within 0.5℃ of setting temperature and satisgy the indoor comfort requirement.

Wide Operation Range

The highest working temperature reaches upto 55℃ in cooling mode, and lowest working temperature reaches -20℃ in heating mode.