Product Introduction

Product Details

Product Advantages

Compact and Classy Design

The 4 way cassette is now as slim as 238mm and 215mm for mini 4-way cassettes , fit for narrow ceiling spaces. Boring straight return air grille patterns are replaced with exquisite hexagon pattern design, upgrading taste and classiness of any interior aesthetic.

Independent Louvers Control

All 4 louvers on the cassette units can be adjusted independantly in any 8 positions from 0° (closed) to 65° for more precise airflow direction maximizing user's comfort and adapting to various space layouts.

Motion Sensor

The sensor senses the presence of people to automatically turn the cassette unit on or off and whether to direct airflow towards or avoiding humans depend settings set on the controller. During crowded times, the setting temperature is automatically lowered down and vise versa. Meeting comfort and using energy only when necessary.