Product Introduction

Product Details

Product Advantages

New Appearance Design with Extreme Compact Flat Panel

The unit (excludes the panel) thickness is merely 215mm leading in the industry and the ceiling height required for installation is only 245mm. It is extremely space saving. New appearance of the air return grille is honeycomb structure. 

User-friendly Air Supply Mode  

a. The unit has the breeze mode that provides muniature draft and avoids cool air blowing towards user directly through the holes at four flat cirners.

b. The 4 air louvers can be controlled independently and 4 air  speed adjustment are available to meet various requirement.

Low Noise Creating Quiet Environment

New high efficiency silent fan is equipped to optimize the supply air angle and achieve noise level that is leading in the industry. DC motor and DC drain pump are also equipped to achieve the highest level of energy saving with low noise level.

Healthy and Eco-friendly Design Idea

a. Hisense Air Pure (optional) is equipped at the air outlet, available for anti-bacteria, anti-allergen, anti-virus, purification and keeping delicate for skin.

b. Silver Ion Sterilization Module is equipped on the drain pan that can greatly enhance the indoor air quality.

Motion Sensor (Optional)

With Motion Sensor, the indoor unit will automatically adjust the setting temperature according to the indoor heat source load. The indoor unit will be turned off automatically when no people in room. The sensor also comes with draft functions to direct the air blowing people or avoiding people.