Product Introduction

Product Details

Product Advantages

Efficiency DC Motor, Adjustable Air Speed

Adoption of efficient DC motor and optimized duct design assures the smooth air flow; at the same time, customers can adjust the air speed according to the actual need.

2-Way Individual Louver

The newly equipped individual louver setting function allows the angle of 2 louvers to be individually adjusted

Super Compact Structure Design,Easy For Installation.

Standard Equipped Drain Pump

Maximum drainage height is 1200mm

Low Noise Level Design

The high efficiency turbofan form the wind pressure by rotating. Larger fan blades and slower fan speed realize the low operating noise. Also, the PWM control method lower the motor noise greatly.

Fresh Air Introducing

The unit can introduce the fresh air from the external environment. With the filter facility, the air quality is ensured. (For specific ,please contact the local engineer)