Product Introduction

Product Details

Product Advantages

Stylish Aesthetics

Smooth white matte cover with LED power and temperature display console unit is an upgrad- ed stylish air-conitioning option to the ordinaries. Suitable for any residential or commercial applications needed an AC unit near the floor for effective heating during the winter and cooling during summer.

Assorted Modes

Cooling Mode 

The unit adopts the stereo cooling mode that can reach the setting temperature rapidly.

Heating Mode

Air supply through the below louver achieves floor heating effect and increases the comfortability.

Flexible Installation Options

Despite of the suitability of floor installment for console units, it is still available for wall mounting too. For a sleek look, the unit could also be installed semi-concealed or totally concealed to be used as concealed floor units.

Flexible Piping Connection

Both refrigerant and drainage pipings are freely to connect in any direction including any sides. An additional direction to the back of the unit for refrigerant pipes to allow passing through walls.