Product Introduction

Product Details

Product Advantages


·Size: 120mm×120mm

·Max. connectable indoor units: 16

·Touch button


  HYXE-J01H: English, Arabic.

  HYXE-J01H1: English, Spanish,

  Italian, German, Polish.

  HYXE-J01H2: English, Turkish,

  Russian, French, Dutch

Main Function

·Mode: Cool/ Heat/ Auto/ Fan/ Dry/ ECO/ Mute/ Sleep

·Timer: 24-hour/ Weekly schedule/ Holiday setting

·Maintenance: Error code / Parameter check/ Auto test run/ Indoor&Outdoor PCB checking/ Self diagnostic function

·Louver: Louver setting/ Louver controlled independently/ 3D-air flow

·Special function: Breeze mode/ Motion sensor/ Health/ Hi-Motion

·Fan speed: 6

·Temperature control: 0.5°C

Various Control Solutions
Wseekly Timer Setting

Indoor Unit Address Change

In the process of installation work, indoor unit address can be changed through wired controller HYXE-J01H.