Product Introduction

Product Details

Product Advantages

Centralized Control

Hi-Dom air conditioning management system adopts communication bus connection, air conditioning indoor units are connected to the computer through network converter; the system is all controlled automatically by a computer with powerful functions and simple operation. One single computer control system can manage 4,096 indoor units.

Main Functions

Running-state Monitoring

Access Control

Determine the Temperature Limit

Automatic Operation According to Settings

Running Records Display

Multifunction Alarm

Controller Prohibition Function

Service Monitoring

All the indoor units and outdoor units connected with one adapter comprise one communication BUS system .

Max.128 indoor units can be connected to a andapter.

Max.32 adapters can be controlled by one computer.

Max.4096 indoor units are under control.

Electric Charge Allocation

Hi-Dom air conditioning management system consists of meter reading system and air conditioning management system. In accordance with the operation time and capacity output of indoor and outdoor units, the electric charge allocation software allocates the total power consumption to each indoor unit.

Note:Due to different laws and regulations in different regions, Hisense electrical charge calculation software need to customize processing in project according to the users' requirement.

Hi-Dom System Specifications

Note:HCCS-H247R4C1E is an essential equipment for HCCS-H128H2C1YM to charging.