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Home Central Air Conditioning ·Radiant Floor Heating·Domestic Hot Water 3 in 1

Hisense Multifunction VRF System is a multifunctional intelligent ecology home system with integration of home central air conditioning, radiant floor heating and domestic hot water. Utilizing high efficient DC inverter technology, air source heat pump technology and heat recovery technology, it builds a more intelligent and more comfortable modern home life.

High Efficiency

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Comfort and Health

Stable and Reliable

Hidden Beauty

Note:The water tank could be sourced locally, Please contact with technicians for specification required.

Radiant floor heating is the most comfortable, optimal heating system nowadays.

Hisense Multifunction VRF radiant floor heating system utilizes Hisense’s leading multi-split technology and advanced air-source heat pump technology, which is outstanding in floor heating system with integration of high efficiency, comfort and environmental protection.

Dual Water Temperature Control Technology

Fixed Water Temperature Control (Fix Control Mode): The supplied water temperature maintains constant during operation, Users can

set supplied water temperature value within the range of 20~55℃ .

Variable Temperature Control (OTC Control Mode):

System automatically adjusts water temperature according to temperature compensation curve basing on outdoor temperature to achieve optimum indoor temperature and reduce system power consumption. The compensation curve can also be adjusted manually according to operation conditions to realize energy saving.

Safe and Reliable

Floor heating pipes are laid under the floor with advantages such as good stability, less vulnerable to external damage and corrosion, and its lifespan is almost the same with the building. Compared with other heating equipment, the cost of repairand maintenance afterwards is greatly reduced. At the same time, gas leak, explosion or other accidents caused by gas or stove can be avoided.

Operation protection of the water system

Starting water pump automatically to avoid water scale generation and ensure the operation of water pump, three-way valve or other waterways parts.

Water system safeguards

Besides safety valve and exhaust valve,the water flow switch and low pressure switch have been added into system, which can effectively avoid water leakage, water depletion, electric heater dry burning and other accidents.

Antifreezing Protection of Water System

Automatic antifreezing function can avoid pipe cracking, leakage and other accidents when equipment is not used in winter.

Commissioning Protection of Floor Heating

Floor heating pipes need to warm gradually at the beginning of operation, in order to prevent problems such as floor deformation or leakage caused by sudden heat. Commissioning protection can ensure safe run testing.