Product Introduction

Hisense’s new generation of Hi-Mod series environmental friendly modular air-cooled chiller, compared with the traditional products, improves the system and program design and is specially designed and developed for usage requirements of comfortable occasions. Hi-Mod series unit has complete functions and various specifications, including standard A series, total heat recovery type R series and low temperature and high heat type E series. The standard A series reference module includes 66kW, 100kW and 130kW with 16 sets in parallel at most. In addition, different models of modules can be connected in parallel randomly to reach the combination of 66kW-2080kW, which has wider application range and can better meet the needs of users.

Product Details

Product Advantages

High-efficiency Unit, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

The product has obtained the national water chiller energy saving certification and is up to the secondary standard of national energy-saving products, belonging to energy-saving products.

Intelligent Energy Regulation Technology

With uniquely designed intelligent energy regulation technology, when multi-module combination units operate, firstly load the first module of the system and then load the second module to reduce the water temperature fluctuations. In the same way, the system firstly unload the second module of each system when unload.  Intelligent energy regulation technology is conducive to balancing and adjusting water inlet and outlet temperature difference of some modular units under the load to improve operation ability and energy efficiency ratio of the units and improve anti-freezing ability of water heat exchanger to make it more stable.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Standard and Total Heat Recovery Type Products Temperature range of cooling operation: 5 ~ 48℃ Temperature range of heating operation: -15 ~ 25℃  Low Temperature and High Heat Type Products Temperature range of cooling operation: 16 ~ 48℃   Temperature range of heating operation: -25 ~ 25℃