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Product Advantages

High-efficiency DC Inverter Compressor

A high-efficiency DC inverter dual rotary compressor is adopted. It features unique dual-pressure chamber design and symmetrical location, which can effectively reduce the vibration and noise and improve the compressor performance, especially the performance under low-frequency operation. Moreover, the dual rotary compressor has a small lubricating oil injection volume with stable oil return, and comes with a gas-liquid separator, which makes the system more reliable. 

Patented 360° Fitted Refrigerant Cooling Technology

To maintain the lifespan of the delicate electronic components, the unit uses patented 360°fitted refrigerant cooling technology to cool the whole electronic box effectively. It can overcome poor heat dissipation and solve high ambient temperature issues inside the electronic box, maintaining an efficient and reliable operation under harsh environment.

Note: 1. Compared with air-cooled technology, the temperature in electric box can be reduced about by 10%. 2. There is no refrigerant cooling kit inside the Hi-Smart L+ series(single phase unit).

Hi-Black Fin (Standard)

All the heat exchangers adopt Hi-Black fin, which has excellent anti-corrosive performance. Hi-Black fins are coated with epoxy resin using film-forming techniques while the traditional resins are acrylic resins. The epoxy resin is 1.5 times thicker than acrylic resin, and its acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and salt-fog resistant properties is 3 times better than acrylic resin.

Note: For the anti-corrosive solution for the whole outdoor unit, please contact with our local engineers.