Product Introduction

Hi-Smart H series has the multiple advanced technology :

New Appearance.

Multiple Oil Control Technology.

New High-efficiency Heat Exchanger.

DC Variable Speed Fan Motro.

Product Details

Product Advantages

Wide Operation Range 

The highest operation temperature reaches to 52℃ in cooling mode, and lowest operation temperature reaches to -20℃ in heating mode.

Aviation Level Design of Grilling 

Hisense H series creates a high-quality quiet environment. The design of the grilling follows the design concept of the aircraft engine design, which conforms to the aerodynamics principle. The noise has been greatly reduced. The grilling also increases safety as being a preventative for child figure being injured by the fan blade.

Rapid Cooling and Heating

Hisense H series achieves rapid startup in cooling/heating, which helps to reach the set temperature rapidly. While the chiller system change in temperature is slowly due to its large-scale system.