Product Introduction

Hi-Smart H series has the multiple advanced technology :

New Appearance.

Multiple Oil Control Technology.

New High-efficiency Heat Exchanger.

DC Variable Speed Fan Motro.

Product Details

Product Advantages

High-efficiency DC Inverter Compressor  

A high-efficiency DC inverter dual rotary compressor is adopted. It features unique dual-pressure chamber design and symmetrical location, which can effectively reduce the vibration and noise and improve the compressor performance, especially the performance under low-frequency operation. Moreover, the dual rotary compressor has a small lubricating oil injection volume with stable oil return, and comes with a gas-liquid separator, which makes the system more reliable

Further Air Discharge Distance ;

An additional air duct like channel surrounding the fan is designed to further discharge the air and avoid discharge air from being absorbed again. Besides, together with the 30Pa external static pressure, air is tested to discharge up to 24% further compared with the conventional one.

Patented 360° Fitted Refrigerant Cooling Technology

The outdoor unit uses patented 360° fitted refrigerant cooling technology to cool the whole electronic box effectively. It can overcome poor heat dissipation and solve high ambient temperature issues inside the electronic box, maintaining an efficient and reliable operation under harsh environment.


 1. The electric box temperature drops by an average of 10% compared with air-cooled type. 

 2.It's available for the units AVW-76/96/114*.