Product Introduction

Hisense Hi-FLEXi R Series heat recovery air conditioning systems can realize simultaneous cooling and heating operation within one refrigerating system, which not only contributes to energy conservation but also meets various requirements of different consumers.

High efficiency scroll compressor Simultaneous cooling and heating Lastest inverter control technology Intelligent control system

Product Details

Product Advantages

Meeting various requirements of customers who are sensitive to temperature and diverse space with different function from the perspective of humanity especially at the transition season, like the complex of equipment rooms and offices, or the guest rooms and dining hall in the same hotel etc.

The latest heat recovery multi-split system make season indoor units work in cooling and heating at the same time and being switched between two modes individually,which flexibly satisfies personalized need of different users.

Configuration of Heat Recovery Operation System

Hi-Flexi R Series heat recovery operation system is composed of heat recovery outdoor unit, indoor unit, switch box,branch pipes and refrigerant pipes. One switch box unit could connect to one or multiple indoor units. The indoor units equipped with a same switch box unit will keep the same operation mode.