Product Introduction

Product Details

Product Advantages

Ceiling Ducted Type (AC Low-Height)

Space Saving

Concealed AC/DC Low Height Ducted unit is as slim as 192mm, fitting into the narrowest ceiling spaces. Save ceiling spaces for higher room height without compromising user's comfort and satisfaction.

Adjustable Static Pressure*

Static pressures in free supply applications would create unnecessary air-blowing noises. Hence, the fan's static pressure is made adjustable to suit different applications more precisely with smaller adjustment steps. 

*: AC/DC Low Height,Low Static and High Static Pressure Ducted Unit have different number of static pressure choices, please refer to the specifications for more detail information.

Various Device Connection Options

Third party devices and sensors to control the power supply are possible with dry contact connections to the indoor unit.Devices like hotel room key card, window contact and fire alarms can be connected simultaneously.

Ceiling Ducted Type (DC Low-Height)

Window Contact Design

The operation conditiion of the unit links with the window status through the window sensor and the Hisense indoor unit input function. This function saves energy and the automatic switch setting procides convenience for users.


More Choice of the Optional Module 

The unit can be controlled automatically through the Hi-Motion.

Humidity Sensor achieves the automatic dehumidification.

3D air flow provides more comfortable air supply mode.


Adjustable Indoor Unit Static Pressure

Indoor unit can adjust static pressure automatically according to the house structure and installation condition, ensure that the indoor unit operates in the optimum exhaust state.

Optimized Design of the Duct

The unit optimizes the duct structure and gets the patent (NO.HX20163504), which improves the ventilation of the heat exchanger near the drain pan. The noise level is reduced and the efficiency of the heat transfer is enhanced.

Drain Pump as Standard part

Drain-up length achieves 900mm which enables convenient drain piping and enlarges the flexibility of installation.