Product Introduction

Product Details

Product Advantages

Elegant Smooth Panel Design with Hidden LED Display

The quality of “elegance” is additionally provided to meet contemporary needs. Features a simple, smooth form that harmonizes with any interior style. Smooth panel design can be cleaned easily

Anti-mold Filter

Anti-mold filter is equipped as standard accessory

Free Installation

Water drain pipe can be set either left or right sides of the unit

Connection pipe can be set in left, right or back side of the unit

Compact and Light Weight,Allowing Easy Installation

Designed with ease of installation in mind, this new model adopts a slim design and uses a high proportion of lightweight resin parts. Unit weight has been vastly reduced.

Sleep Mode Bring You Comfortable Temperature for Good Sleep

Sleep mode can be kept for 8 hours. The setting temperature will be adjusted automatically for your comfortable.

Quiet Operation for Super Low Sound Level

One touch quiet operation can set system work in super low speed and you will get very low noise level to 28 dB(A)

*The wireless remote controller HYE-L01 is standard for New Wall Mounted Type