Product Introduction

Product Details

Product Advantages

Sleek Smooth Design

Shiny white cover panel of the unit has an elegant aesthetic. The unit also offers LED temperature display hidden under the smooth panel and eases cleaning routine without compromising user's convenience while setting the temperature.

Lighter to Simplify Installation

Light weighted resins composites are used for the panels, louvers and other parts to reduce overall weight per unit for a simpler installation experience.

Flexible Piping Connection

Both refrigerant and drainage pipings are freely to connect in any direction including any sides. An additional direction to the back of the unit for refrigerant pipes to allow passing through walls.

High-efficiency DC Fan Motor

The power consumption of the unit with DC fan motor can be reduced greatly in comparison to the old AC product. The minimum power consumption is only 20W, which is reduced by 60%. It can achieve low-cost operation.

 6 Fan Speed

6 indoor fan speeds are available to meet the needs of different indoor conditions.

Self-cleaning Function

Featured with self-cleaning technology, the evaporator can be self-cleaned automatically just with the tap of a button in the controller, which is very convenient and saves the cost of manual cleaning, while ensuing a clean environment.