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To maintain the lifespan of the delicate electronics,Hisense S mavo series uses refrigerant cooling technology to effectively cool the whole electronic box. As such, overcoming poor heat dissipation and high ambient temperature issues to maintain efficient operation even at harsh environment. 

The refrigerant cooling unit adds the temperature sensor, which will be more precise to control the refrigerant cooling temperature and enhance the whole system reliability.


Electrical and electronic components in the electric box is protected from insects or rat invations and infestations because the gap of the inlet or outlet in the electrical box is less than 3 mm.

High Efficiency Compressor

The scroll compressor has an excellent mechanism called as FCM (Frame Compliant Mechanism) which will perfectly increase the performance of the whole compressor. The heating performance will improve because there is storage heat inside the compressor’ s mass, example motor, compressor shell. The storage heat can be moved to condensing by reduce compressor’ s temperature or by lower superheat to optimum temperature. All of these increase the comprehensive competitiveness of the scroll compressor.