Product Introduction

Product Details

Product Advantages


Modular structure, flexible installation

The same module size helps realize modular combination, and multiple units can be stacked centrally. More branch pipe can be chosen according to total capacity of indoor units connected downstream, which greatly facilitates refrigerant pipe work on site and simplifies the procedure of construction.

Long pipe design

Combining water cycling system with refrigerant cycling system, the pipe length of water cycling system is not affect- ed by the scale of building, so the units can be installed close to the A/C area, easily to meet the demand of large-scale and high-rise building. The units adopts two-stage super cooling technology to enhance the cooling capacity and make longer pipes, as well as the longer side pipes of refrigerant. 

For chiller system, it provides heat or cold water source directly for indoor units, to reduce more power consump- tion of pump due to long pipes. What's more, the energy of refrigerating medium will be dissipated during transmis- sion.